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Alfred and Hannah Brown Pea Have a 2nd Daughter Buried Near Dr. William Johnson's Cemetery

I just entered the next batch of burials in 1916. You can review the updated spreadsheet. Click here: Burial at and Near Jamestown Cemetery.

We also have determined that the James family can be found buried in several cemeteries located close to each other. They can be found in Florence County, SC. As of right now, we are tracking burials in the following cemeteries:

Dr. William Johnson's Cemetery

Gregg Cemetery

Gibson Cemetery

Jamestown Cemetery

Mt. Hope Cemetery

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Union Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Wright Cemetery

In our last post, we found the mother of Eliza Grant James, Mrs. Tena Stevenson. Her parents were Alfred Pea and Hannah Brown Pea. I have discovered another daughter, Harriett Charles. She is the aunt of Eliza Grant James.

South Carolina Department of Archives and History; Columbia, South Carolina; South Carolina Death Records; Year Range: 1900-1924; Death County or Certificate Range: Florence

Harriett Pea Charles was born in August of 1852. Her sister, Tena, was much younger. She was born in 1861. The parents are the same, but Harriett was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery. Tena was laid to rest in Dr. William Johnson's Cemetery.

We can now search for her husband and possible children. Next, we will try to find them before 1870. Hopefully, you can see how important it is to know where our folks were buried. They were buried on former enslaver property. Then when they were able to have their own cemeteries, they began to bury loved ones there.

Before the Civil War, they can be found attending the enslavers church. They were laid to rest on the enslavers property.


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