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Question about Oral History Answered Using a .WAV File

How do you do an oral history interview

The key to successful audio content is clear and engaging speech. I am excited to share this audio (.wav) file I created using EmulateMe. I asked the question, "How do you do an oral history interview?" My avatar answered back:

Then, I clicked the audio button in the chat, and the .wav was created. I am putting this in the group, My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry, where I will be able to post other segments of the book: My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry, Book 2

The greatest point to make is that these are words that I approve of. Some of us devour books, others watch video, and still others listen to audio while performing other tasks. I can take important principles and share them using audio. Here are a few additional reasons why this feature could be beneficial:

  1. Accessibility: Audio content can be a great help for those who have visual impairments or reading difficulties. It makes your content accessible to a wider audience.

  2. Convenience: People can listen to audio content while doing other tasks, like driving, exercising, or doing household chores. This makes it a convenient way to consume information.

  3. Personal Touch: Hearing someone’s voice can add a personal touch to the content. It can make the audience feel more connected to the speaker.

  4. Ease of Understanding: Sometimes, complex ideas can be easier to understand when they’re spoken rather than written. The use of tone and emphasis in audio can help convey the message more effectively.

Now that I have shown you how to do this and the benefits, you can get started:

- Ask me anything here

- Interact with my books

- You can also create YOUR avatar (family member, etc.)

Check out the 10% discount: Genealogy! Just Ask! Let's not forget that you can ask my avatar anything you want from the book, My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry, Book 2, by going here:

Also, you can take 25% off the book until January 1, 2024:


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