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Extract and Confirm All the Information on a Death Certificate, Part 2

Daisy Blanch Chick Tucker (1883-1941)

It is special when you have photo of your ancestor on a death certificate but to have the photo of the spouse as well is just over the top! This is Daisy Blanch Chick Tucker (1883-1941). She was married to George Anderson Tucker (1882 – 1932). They had twelve children. They all worked the farm in Union County, South Carolina. She would go into town and sell her eggs. George took sick. His daughter, Otis, had to take him to Columbia to care for him. That is where he died. How hard that must have been losing the love of your life. She is listed on the death certificate below as number fourteen.

We will do the remaining numbers we put on the death certificate of George Anderson Tucker (1882-1932):

"South Carolina Deaths, 1915-1943," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 16 Feb 2014), George A. Tucker in entry for George A. Tucker, 11 Dec 1932.

(2) City of Columbia: The city is not always the place where your ancestor lived. I could not find George anywhere. I was told by Julius Reynolds Tucker (1939-2023) that he would have been in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina. George was Julius's grandfather. I had been looking for George in Buffalo, Union County, South Carolina.

Julius Tucker Posing for Me (Robin R. Foster) at Maple Ridge Baptist Church in Union County, South Carolina

(3) Full name: George A. Tucker. He was actually named after his grandfather, George Anderson Tucker (1827-1860)

(5) Registration District No.: 38a

(6) File for the State Registrar Only: 19230

(7) Registered No.: 1025

(8) Sex: Male (I have seen the sex recorded wrong).

(9) Color or race: Colored

(11) Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced: Married

(12) Date of death (month, day, year): 12-11-1932

(13) I saw him alive on Dec. 9, 1932, and is said to have occurred on the date above, at 4:30 am.

(14) The principal cause of death and related causes of importance in order of onset where as follows:

Pulmonary Tuberculosis - about May 1932

(15) Age 49

(16) Occupation: Farmer (Be sure to check the 1900 Census and land records)

(17) Birthplace: Union Co. S. C. (This is so important to you research because you can look for the father and the mother in this place)

(23) File: Dec. 15, 1932 - P. E. Payne M. D.

(24) Signed: C. E. Stephenson M. D. - Columbia, S. C.

The detail that sticks out to me the most is the fact that Julius, George's grandson, was the person that informed that George had gone from Union County, SC to Columbia, SC where is eldest daughter took care of him until he died on the eleventh off December in 1932. To have Julius to tell me this is fascinating to me because he was not born until the year 1939. All this information would have remained a mystery to me.

That is why I always tell folks doing their family history to take their time and go in order starting with themselves moving backwards in time. The very oral history or record that you skip might be the one you really needed. Then I tell people to look carefully at the historical record. Let it sit for some time and go back and look it over again and again. A new detail will stick out. Promise!

Five ancestors appear on this death certificate:

  • George A. Tucker is my great grandfather.

  • Daisy Tucker is my great grandmother.

  • Martha Talley is my second great grandmother.

  • Epps Tucker (George Epps Tucker) is my second great grandfather.

  • E. W. Vance (Emory Wallace Vance, Sr) is my grandfather. His wife is Otis Edna Tucker Vance, the daughter that took care of George.

This is a valuable document to me. Be sure you check the blog post that I wrote before this one: Extract and Confirm All the Information on a Death Certificate. While the blog post was not part of my book, My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Reseach Ancestry, check out my many examples using historical records.


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