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Author Finds a Revolutionary Way to Engage with Genealogy Community

Robin R. Foster uses Chat with Robin to engage with her readers. She recounts the history of David Nelms (1806-?) of Anson County, North Carolina. Here she can continue the story.

By now, you have discovered how I have used Chat with Robin. I have provided you with a beginning tutorial in Introduce Genealogy to the Next Generation: EmulateMe and FamilySearch with my grandmother, Mrs. Otis Edna Tucker Vance (1905-1996), and I also shared my father, Robert Foster (1938-1988) in What If Your Father Could Talk to You or Your Grandchildren? It was wonderful to hear and see him in a video. I save the best for last. I want to introduce myself using the video above.

Engage on Social Media

If you purchased my book, My Best Genealogy Tips: Finding Formerly Enslaved Ancestors, you will notice I am telling the story of David Nelms (1806-?) of Anson County, North Carolina. I used my voice, and it imported my photo. This excites me for a lot of reasons:

  1. I can take the story and talk about this (and the historical records) with my readers where they are on social media.

  2. I have several genealogy books. I have a group that goes with each genealogy book. The groups can learn about the historical records and where to find them

  3. I can create a URL and put it on FamilySearch's Sources. Then other people can find the principle I talk about or the person on the Family Tree.

  4. You can use this to go out on new social media. I am starting Reddit. I am taking this video to find others who want to learn about enslavement and freedom.

  5. In my Genealogy! Just Ask! community, I asked for feedback on this revolutionary Avatar. As usual, they surprised me by telling me what I had not thought of Feedback

"It's important to have a connection to my roots," Robin R. Foster (Chat with Robin)

I can think of one more revolutionary change in how we do genealogy. I wrote "My Best Genealogy Tips: Finding Formerly Enslaved Ancestors," and the book is popular. I want to engage with my readers in a more personal way. With Chat with Robin, you can ask me any questions about the book.

Click on the URL: Tell me how you like interacting with me.

Share Link to Chat

For those of you who want to try, here are the steps.

You just must go to the chat, and:

  1. On the top right of the screen, you will find the button "Share," tap on it.

  2. Activate the share link button.

  3. Copy the link.

For anyone who wants to try out Chat with Robin, get 10 % off. If you have any questions, email me at:


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