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My Best Genealogy Tips: It's Time to Start!

“My Best Genealogy Tips: It is Time to Start,” written for the beginner is one of those family history books you will even find someone who has been researching for years will pick up this book. This book will teach you the basics of family history that you may not have been taught before. It is a short book designed to get you started today!

You will get a clearer understanding of who begat who, when they were born, who they married, and when they passed away. You will be organized and find out as much as you can with oral history interviews.

No longer will you have to wonder where the historical records are. You will find out that historical records have been organized in one place for you.

You will be excited to share what you know. I will uncover two ways that sharing has personally worked for me. Finally, never will you need to find assistance because Genealogy Just Ask, LLC is waiting to make sure your question is answered. 


After you finish this book, I want to know if you are ready for the next one. Let me know on Facebook: Robin R. Foster | Facebook or Email me: 

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