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Mrs. Tena Stevenson is Buried in Dr. William Johnson's Cemetery

South Carolina Department of Archives and History; Columbia, South Carolina; South Carolina Death Records; Year Range: 1900-1924; Death County or Certificate Range: Florence

Remember last week we talked about Eliza Grant James (1875 - 1948) in "The Maiden Name of Mrs. Eliza James?" We showed you how we could prove that Eliza's maiden name was Grant and not Stevenson. She was buried in the Jamestown Cemetery. I always tell people when they are looking at cemeteries to keep in mind that some of their ancestors may be buried in a nearby cemetery.

When Terry James told me of all these cemeteries with his family buried in them, I was ecstatic! I knew that we would be able to show you good examples that you could use. That brings me to the death certificate that we have posted above for Mrs. Tena Stevenson. If you can remember, last week we talked about her being Mrs. Eliza James' mother. Eliza was living with Mr. Sidney Stevenson and Mrs. Tena Stevenson in 1880. Also living with them at the time was Mrs. Hannah Pea, Mrs. Eliza's grandmother.

Well we searched for Tena Stevenson and found her on this death certificate buried in Dr. William Johnson's Cemetery. Why was the mother buried here and her daughter was buried in Jamestown? Well Dr. William Johnson was a former enslaver. We will be putting that information in our book that will tell the story of Jamestown. Stay tuned.

Mr. Henry James, husband to Mrs. Eliza James, was the informant on this death certificate. Can you find Alfred and Hannah Brown Pea before 1880? Send your findings to Terry James. E-mail:

Take a look at burials logged on Burials at or Near Jamestown Cemetery this next week.

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