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Our Stories

We have so much to learn from our ancestors. It is important that we rehearse and tell our stories. I was talking to my friend Bev Harper. We decided we should have a place to tell those stories.

That was just one day ago. It does not take us long when it is so crucial that we collectively remember what our ancestors lived, fought, and died for.

You might have a story that will help someone, so dig as deep as you can. Get the stories out there. This first week is short. How do you do it? It is simple.

  1. Send your story to me: I will post it here on Our Stories.

  2. Write a blog post. Give me the URL.

This is what we have for the first month: January. For 7 January 2023, you can write about your favorite relative and why? You can take this idea or come up with your own. On Saturday at 12:00 pm, we will have our first collection. I can't wait. How about you?

If you would like to become a writer for Our Stories, let me know:


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