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I Learned about the National Society United States Daughters of 1812 and More on Boundaries

Robin R. Foster is visiting Laura C. Edwards the NC State Society President at the NCGS 2023 Fall Conference Vendor Hall.

On Saturday, October 28, 2023, we were there selling books next to Laura C. Edwards. She is the President of the NC State Society. I got to learn that there is the Daughters of 1812. Their website is: NC Daughters 1812

"The purpose of the National Society is to promote patriotism, to preserve and increase knowledge of the history of the American people by preserving documents and relics, marking historic spots, recording family histories and traditions, celebrating patriotic anniversaries, teaching and emphasizing heroic deeds of civil, military, and naval life of those who molded our government between the close of the American Revolution and the close of the War of 1812, to urge Congress to compile and publish authentic records of men in civil, military, and naval service for 1784 to 1815 inclusive; and to maintain at National Headquarters a museum and library on the memorabilia of the 1784-1815 period." - NC Daughters 1812

They have North Carolina Society Chapters. The chapters are:

  • Cherokee

  • Chief Junaluska

  • Snap Dragon

  • Captain Johnston Blakeley

Eligible members:

United States of Daughters of 1812 - Eligibility

I also discovered that Laura has provided presentations on a variety of topics. If your group or society would like to have her speak, just email her at:

I was really interested in a topic I found very interesting. She got a chance to discuss boundaries with me. Most of you know how I stress knowing the boundaries where you ancestor lived. Well get this: Laura explained how sometimes our ancestors did not know the boundaries. Neither did the census taker, nor the person who was responsible for surveying the land. Sometimes the surveyor got the property line wrong. It was different than the map.

Your ancestor could have brought property in Anson County, North Carolina, but he actually was in Cherokee County, South Carolina due to the way the surveyor measured the map and land. This would be important to know.


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