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Have You Seen 'Father Unknown' by Filmmaker, David Quint?

Sometimes you see that one film that most people can truly relate to. That is what the film, Father Unknown, is to me. If you are searching for ancestors especially to make this person known to a living person, this film will speak to you. This is a true story about a son's desire to help his dad find his father. If you have ever been involved with assisting a family member with looking for an ancestor, you know of the desire of that family member to have success.

No matter your situation, this film will give hope to the person who is searching and to you, the person helping to find. Oftentimes, it is the bravery of these two people that brings about the miracle. No matter what the outcome, you can find success.

This feat when accomplished continues to be a blessing if you want it to. Take the time to watch Father Unknown. It will have a great affect on your research. You can either buy it or rent it. I have purchased it. I have watched this film five times.

David and his dad will join us for "A Genealogy! Just Ask! Conversation about Father Unknown" Zoom meeting to talk with you about the story after you watch it. The questions and conversations are very meaningful, and they have been having these events with different groups around the world online.

We need to know when you are available in August for the week of August 9th. We will decide based on your response when to host the Zoom meeting. Take the poll here: Genealogy! Just Ask!


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