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Great Uncle Clarence Summoned Me to the Cemetery

Clarence Adam Chick (1896-1966), Rockfish Memorial Park Cemetery

We were headed home yesterday from the doctor's office. It was cold and rainy. I heard my Uncle Clarence Chick's voice. I did not say anything about it to Ellis because I did not know what he wanted yet. Uncle Clarence wanted me to go to the cemetery where he, Aunt Helen, and Clarence Jr. are buried.

Helen T. Chick (1906-1997), Rockfish Memorial Park Cemetery

Clarence A. Chick, Jr (1929-1997), Rockfish Memorial Park Cemetery

I thought I would take some flowers out there. I knew we would be passing the store soon. When it came into view, I said to Ellis, "Stop here, I want to get some flowers." We went in, and he helped me pick them out. He wondered why I did not buy a vase. I told him when we got to the car that I wanted to take them to the cemetery.

We stopped by the house first for him to take his medicine. I waited in the car. I really felt my Uncle's spirit. It gave me a chance to cry. I was so happy. I could hardly believe he was summoning me to the cemetery. He passed on. He is not there, but I was happy that I had heard him and was following the prompting.

I have researched Uncle Clarence and Aunt Helen a great deal while in Fayetteville, NC. I did not know them in this life, but I have developed a strong relationship with them. So far I have been to his church, cemetery, the VA hospital, the courthouse, the library, and to look at their house from the outside.

I know Ellis thought I was crazy for asking him to take me to the cemetery while it was cold and rainy. We pulled in and forgot exactly where they were buried, so Ellis pulled over to the office to ask. A man was standing outside and asked him to come inside.

Ellis came out and got in the car. The man came out with an umbrella and walked over to the graves while we drove. He point to where they were. Then he came up to the car and held the umbrella for me while I got out. I said that Clarence was my great uncle and I was stopping by to put out flowers. "I knew them. I knew them at Fayetteville State University, and I stayed by them on the same side of the street," He said, giving the name of the street.

It was then that I knew why I was there. Uncle Clarence had things he was helping me to know. I said that I had seen the house, but I did not go in. I did not know who lived there.

The man said that I could go there. Clarence and Helen's adopted daughter stays there. Now, I know I can go there to their house. It's still in the family.

I asked the man if I could say a prayer. In my prayer, I thanked Heavenly Father for that spot of land where we could come and celebrate our family that we remembered. I thanked Him because it is important to me. When I finished, the man said, "Look who he is buried right next to:"

James W. Seabrook (1886-1974), Rockfish Memorial Park Cemetery

James W. Seabrook, also of Fayetteville State University.

I know that I will research this person to find out their relationship. As we drove away, I could not believe it. I had followed the instructions of my great uncle who I never knew in this life. The Lord had granted me the sweet opportunity. I am so grateful.


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