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Genealogy Hotspots for Genealogy Just Ask, LLC in June and July 2023

That's right! Genealogy Just Ask, LLC will be at Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum State Historic Site in Gibsonville, North Carolina, for Black Heritage Day on June 10, 2023. Fun for the whole family. See what they have planned for you: click here. Stop and say hi to me at my tent where I will sell my books.

"Dr. Charlotte Hawkins Brown was born on June 11, 1883, in Henderson, NC. One of the many skills Charlotte’s mother passed down to her was the ability to play the piano. Throughout her life Charlotte would turn to music and art to express herself, to fundraise, to celebrate, and to teach students.

In a short autobiography written around 1927, Dr. Brown writes about her “insatiable thirst for art…” We’ve decided to take this opportunity, her 140th birthday, to celebrate that thirst and share art in its many forms with our community. Black Heritage Day was conceived as a celebration of Black life, history, culture, food, and so much more. This year we’re working with the Greensboro Opera, hence the Afro-Classical Celebration. Our headline musician is the enormously talented Chrystal E. Williams, alongside Felipe Hostins," Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum State Historic Site.

Next, we be in Union, South Carolina for the UCCRP JUNETEENTH Remembrance and Celebration 2023 on June 17, 2023 from 4-8 pm. This will be a time for truth, memory, and reconciliation. Fun for the whole family. I will teach researching local family histories and family trees in the L.W. Long Community Resource Center.

Listen to Timika Wilson and Stephanie Cohen talk about the UCCRP JUNETEENTH Remembrance & Celebration:

To top it all off, we will be at The 2023 SCGS 50th Annual Summer Workshop- 2 Hybrid Events on July 7-8 to be held at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH) 8301 Parklane Road, Columbia, SC 2922. Find us at the booth.


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