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Poole and Vance, I Am So Close

I have searched and searched for the final resting place of my 2nd great grandfather, Beverly Vance (1832-1899). I recently discovered that Andrew J. Poole (Abt1849-1936) who is buried in Fairview Cemetery lived in Greenwood when it was part of Abbeville County prior to 1897. Beverly lived a short distance away in Cokesbury.

I was also amazed to discover that Andrew testified on the same day as my ancestor, December 25, 1876! I cannot help but wonder how well they knew each other and if my Beverly is buried in Fairview too. At any rate, I am overjoyed that their testimonies have survived, and that I can learn about the history of the election of 1876 from their very own words. I have included Andrew Poole's testimony right below Beverly's.

(Beverly's testimony continued)

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