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Researching Your Black English Roots - Dr Harold Moody (1882-1947)

Just in case you do not know, this is Dr. Harold Moody (1882-1947) born in Kingston, Jamaica and came to London in 1904 where he "studied medicine at Kings College London, graduating top of his class in 1910," The Life of Dr Harold Moody. See the photo of Dr. Harold Moody.

"Despite his clear academic brilliance however, he was unable to gain work as a doctor because of the colour of his skin. He was left with little option but to set up his own practice from his home in 1913. Dr Moody ran his GP surgery from his address in Peckham, London. At a time before the NHS began in 1948, Dr Moody used his medical ability and compassion for others to treat poor children free of charge. He also welcomed into his home those who had been refused lodgings due to the colour of their skin. Through his interactions within the community, he became more and more aware of the racial injustices that others were facing, and he took it upon himself to use his position, wherever he could, to right those wrongs.

In 1931 Dr Moody founded the ‘League of Coloured Peoples’ and as President he worked tirelessly lobbying politicians, the civil service and trade unions seeking to build and strengthen race relations and challenge injustices," The Life of Dr Harold Moody."

Now, I would like to show you how easy it was to get historical records. In the eBook of The Life of Dr Harold Moody, you will see a timeline on page 12 and 13. First, let us take the obituary:

Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Sat, May 03, 1947 ·Page 2 (,0.7589959,0.9853668,0.9937177&xid=3355&_gl=1*cj3ycy*_gcl_au*MTg1NjY4MTAyOC4xNzE2NDEwMTIw*_ga*MTM3NzEzNjE5NS4xNzE2NDEwMTIx*_ga_4QT8FMEX30*NDMxZDI3NDUtZmQ0Ny00MDliLWE4NTQtZmRkNzFiM2U5Y2UyLjQuMS4xNzE2NDg1NTM0LjMwLjAuMA..*_ga_LMK6K2LSJH*NDMxZDI3NDUtZmQ0Ny00MDliLWE4NTQtZmRkNzFiM2U5Y2UyLjQuMS4xNzE2NDg1NTM0LjAuMC4w&_ga=2.61814377.49162673.1716410121-1377136195.1716410121)

Guess what! Here is another one. It is in Richmond, Virginia:

Richmond Times-Dispatch Fri, Apr 25, 1947 ·Page 24 (,0.28323126,0.2671756,0.3483657&xid=3355&_gl=1*vd192i*_gcl_au*MTg1NjY4MTAyOC4xNzE2NDEwMTIw*_ga*MTM3NzEzNjE5NS4xNzE2NDEwMTIx*_ga_4QT8FMEX30*NDMxZDI3NDUtZmQ0Ny00MDliLWE4NTQtZmRkNzFiM2U5Y2UyLjEuMS4xNzE2NDEwNzQ2LjU5LjAuMA..*_ga_LMK6K2LSJH*NDMxZDI3NDUtZmQ0Ny00MDliLWE4NTQtZmRkNzFiM2U5Y2UyLjEuMS4xNzE2NDEwNzQ2LjAuMC4w&_ga=2.265852106.49162673.1716410121-1377136195.1716410121&ancestry=true)

We could just search all day and find even more of Dr. Harold Moody's death in the obituaries. The death index was at

If you wanted to see an original death certificate, one suggestion is to go to

We found a 1911 Census in England:

At, they have the index. If you want to see an original, go to Let us take Dr Harold and Olive Tranter Moody's marriage which was in 1912. Here is the marriage index:

If you have a marriage index and you want an original contact: General Register Office.

With this blog post, you can download The Life of Dr Harold Moody for your children or your grandchildren. You can also use the historical records to find your ancestor. Be sure to get this book: "My Best Genealogy Tips: Researching Your English Roots," available at Books2Read - Robin R. Foster.


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