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The Most Important Feature in FamilySearch is the Sources

Martha Sims (1855-1936) sources on
Sources on for Martha Sims (1855-1936):

I would not have achieved as much as I have if it were not for FamilySearch and its ability to gather the sources in one place. I mean everywhere from FamilySearch, Ancestry, Google,, HathiTrust, to anywhere I find a historical record. They are kept in one place.

Clearly, I want everyone to be able to use this feature at FamilySearch. I am sharing an example of my second great grandmother, Martha Sim Talley (1855-1936). She was born enslaved, but she died as free woman. Here is the way I use the sources:

1. Sign in to

2. Go to Family Tree.

3. Select Tree.

4. Click on Martha Sims.

5. Select Martha Sims.

6. Go Person View.

7. Click on FamilySearch. Select 1880 US Census.

8. Select View Record.

9. Look at the original record.

10. Attach to the Family Tree.

11. You must attach the 1870 US Census to the Family Tree.


1. Now, let’s go to

2. Search Records.

3. Click on 1870 US Census.

4. 1870 US Census Index: Save on Ancestry, look over suggested records, look at original record, and save URL to put record on FamilySearch.

5. On FamilySearch, add Source. Click on Add Source.

6. Add New Source.

These are the choice that come up:

Add New Source

Add New Memory Source

Attach for Source Box

7. Create Source.

Fill in: Event Date, Source Title, Source Type (Paste your URL you copied from, Citation, Notes, etc.

8. Click Save.

9. Source. Take a live look.

Now you know how to add sources from FamilySearch and I will do more examples using other places where you find historical records.


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