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The Enduring Pursuit of Teaching Genealogy with Passion, Perseverance, and Books

I am beyond words at the publishing of my new book, "My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry, Book 2." It is actually the second book. This was not my first book. I did several hardcover books for my family back when we were raising Adrianne. Adrianne even did one, and she won an award for it. It was through Heritage Makers. We got to go to Salt Lake when she was in high school.

I remember when her book came in the mail to her. To see a teenager cry from pure joy is not something you see on a daily basis. Those books helped her to appreciate her family history.

Fast forward to 2021, I put together my first two books for the public. The first one was called "My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry."

Someone whom I love very much, offered to publish it for me. I took the person up on the offer. I signed the contract feeling good about our arraignment. For two years, I went without a lot. I am telling you this because of Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ, I made it.

I have no hate in me. This day my thoughts turn to this person. I want to ask, "Will we once again laugh and talk to each other?" "Will we fix what exists between us and those we love?" Jesus came so that we could do that very thing. Through this trial, I discovered a greater endurance and perseverance for teaching genealogy. It was designed just for me.

In the meantime, I look forward to the public purchasing my second version, "My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry, Book 2" published by Benjamin Book Publishing, LLC (Adrianne Benjamin):

This book has the following chapters:

Why Would You Want to Trace Family History?

Protocol When Asking Your Questions

Family Trees Are Not Historical Records.

Things Genealogy Beginners Forget

Recognizing and Overcoming Inconsistences in Genealogy Research

Why Should I Search for the Census Every Ten Year?

Why Should I Search for the Census Every Ten Years? Part 2

Getting Past the 1870 Census: An Example

How Do I Find My Ancestor’s Parent?

Extract and Confirm All the Information on a Death Certificates

Dealing with Details: Oral History Will Link Us

More Ways to Find Your Ancestor’s Parent

Verify with a Will

How Do I Research If All I Have is a Name?

Do Not Get Stumped with Genealogy Resources

Seven Long Shots to Find your Ancestor

Seven Reasons Why You are Not Finding Your Ancestor

Genealogy: What is the Big Rush?

Genealogy: More Reasons to Slow Down

Genealogy Presentation: Getting Out of a Research Rut

I’m Stuck! What Should I Do Next?

Nothing Wrong with Research Out on the Limb

How Can Local History Help Me with Genealogy

Hunting for Treasures at the Joliet Public Library in Joliet, Illinois

How Do I Find My Ancestor Cemetery?

Cemetery Books May Hold Clues to Your Genealogy

Four Ways to Enhance a Find A Grave Memorial

What Can You Discover at the Cemetery?

What You May Find in the Cemetery?

Researching an Ancestor Who Died an Unusual Death

Ten Things to from County Histories

Five Way to Overcome Your Genealogy Research Hurdle

Learning the Most from Historic Newspapers

Ten Tips for More Success with Newspaper Research

Has Your Paper Trail Run Out Online?

Six Clues Church Souvenir Booklets Give for Genealogy Research

Ways to Find Living Family

How to Find the Living

Guardianship Request Help to Identify Ancestor’s Real Father


Identify Record Types to Document Oral History

Top Questions Asked in Genealogy! Just Ask!


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