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Take Advantage of Two New Ways We Have to Assist Genealogy Just Ask Patrons

We pay attention to those who need us and those who we have stewardship over. Pay attention to the people who continue to do what they are meant to do during personal trials and even when the world suffers. We have come up with two new methods of providing assistance to our Genealogy Just Ask patrons. Up until now, we have provided many places depending on where your ancestor lived for you to ask questions to find resources to document your ancestors. These groups can be found at Genealogy Just Ask.

How Do I Start?

What about those of you who have no idea how to start? You could be Grandma's age or you might have graduated from high school last year, and you have not had anyone in you family that has done your family history yet. When you join Genealogy: Just Ask, you become part of a Facebook Group where you are given a few documents that tell about your ancestors.

You will not be judged. We will assist you with what information can be gleaned from the documents. We will assist you with how to organize that information and the documents. Then we will provide you with the resources for where your ancestor lived. You can come back to the group where we will congratulate you on documents you find.

Everyone in this group is a beginner learning how to document their ancestry: Genealogy: Just Ask all for only $10.00!

What About the People Who Have Been Researching, but They are Stuck on an Ancestor?

We have also have a place on Facebook for seasoned researchers in

Genealogy Just Ask PLUS for $23.00 for life!

You benefit from:

1. Brick Wall Demolition Book of the Month: We go through book written to assist you in your research area.

2. Presentations by Robin R. Foster: Shared only in Genealogy Just Ask Plus

3. Deeper Collaboration on the Research Wiki: Share resources to be added to the Research Wiki that are not there that you found helpful.

4. Webinars

5. Q&A's on site

6. Facebook Lives

7. Resources that document your ancestor: daily online, offline

8. Blog posts tailored to your place of research or genealogy technology proficiency.


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