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Welcome to Genealogy Just Ask Plus!

To join Genealogy Just Ask Plus for life it's only $33!


You benefit from:

-Brick Wall Demolition Book of the Month
-Presentations by Robin R. Foster
-Deeper Collaboration on the Research Wiki
-Q&A's on site
-Facebook Lives
-Resources that document your ancestor: daily online, offline
-Blog posts tailored to your place of research or genealogy technology proficiency.

- Research Tracking Form

- Consultation for $20 (regular price $30.00) with recorded webinar.

- e-newsletters


All we ask is that you be respectful of everyone in this community and please no solicitations.

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Genealogy Just Ask Plus Facebook Group for Life

  • I noticed right away that I am able to provide resources the my patrons have not seen. They then check though those resources.

  • I am able to assist my patrons with where they are researching and the type of research they are doing.

  • This group is made up of patrons who are a little more focused and a little more serious about finding documentation.

  • The way this group is organized with Units, my patrons can leave a question where they have challenges. They come back to get my responses.

  • i am happy when I can write blog posts or do a Facebook Live to provide additional assistance for my patrons.

  • My patrons are able to access all my presentations which I have uploaded for their eyes only.

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