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Reflections on "My Best Genealogy Tips: It's Time to Start!"

"My Best Genealogy Tips: It's Time to Start!" is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

"My Best Genealogy Tips: It's Time to Start!" was first introduced when it came out at Benjamin Book Publishing, LLC. It is only fifty-four pages, but I love it. Since it came out in December, I have been using it when I teach others whether at presentations, online, or at Church. I have not sold it to friends I see in person. I gave it to them. I appreciate having this book because it has the basics for a person to start.

I am a more efficient teacher

I am a more efficient teacher because I can refer to the principles in the book completely and quickly. Family history has been made easier. Should not our best tools be the same? That is why this book exists. This book will help the beginner to start and do so in the right way. It also has the potential to assist the person that has been doing family history for a while.

Using Research Wiki

I had a person who was interested in researching Scotland. She said that she did not want the book because it would not teach her about Scotland genealogy. I was ready to tell her where she would find what she needed to know. Scotland Genealogy • FamilySearch is the place for those researching in Scotland. Better than that if you know what county your ancestor lived in, you could delve a little deeper. If your ancestor was from Lanarkshire County, then you could go straight to Lanarkshire, Scotland Genealogy • FamilySearch. This is one of the things covered in the book. I have been promoting the Research Wiki since I found out about it in 2014. I have assisted my patrons with it.

These are the topics covered by "My Best Genealogy Tips: It's Time to Start!"

  1. Who Do You Know?

  2. Oral History Interview

  3. Add to the Online Family Tree

  4. Records You Use First

  5. Find More Records on Research Wiki

  6. Share What You Know

  7. Find Assistance

Family history is not just about collecting names and dates, but also about learning about the lives and stories of your ancestors. It can help you connect with your past, understand your present, and shape your future. It can be fun, rewarding, and addictive. I encourage you to take action and start your own family history project. I think that anyone who is interested in family history would benefit from reading this book and following my best genealogy tips.


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