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Get More Collaboration with Genealogy Just Ask PLUS

Would you benefit from the opportunity to have greater collaboration?

We have discovered a way for you to work closer with the people at Genealogy Just Ask while you work to resolve those research challenges. It is through PLUS.

To become a member of Genealogy Just Ask PLUS all you need to do is pay $23 and join the group.

1. First, this is the best way to pay: Genealogy Just Ask PLUS.

2. Then go over to our Facebook Group to join: Genealogy Just Ask PLUS.

If you will take step one first, it will make it easier to tell that you have paid. Then when you click to join in step 2, you will be able to be let in the group asap. All new members will be added within 24 hours except on Sunday. If you join on Sunday, you will be added Monday.

I have been involved with genealogy since 1985. I got on Facebook in 2010 because it is a wonderful tool to keep up with all my GenFriends. You see, I recognized back then that you would be alone after that initial presentation. How would you keep up with changes to programs? That's why I made myself available online. Today, there are droves of friends online with me doing your research, and it does not matter where you are researching or if your ancestor comes from a different place than mine. I have been trained at to assist you, and I love it.

If you have ever sat in on one of my presentations, I know you would like to be closer connected, and so would I! Genealogy Just Ask PLUS allows us to do that.

Here's what you will also get:

-Brick Wall Demolition Book of the Month -Presentations by Robin R. Foster -Deeper Collaboration on the Research Wiki -Webinars -Q&A's on site -Facebook Lives -Resources that document your ancestor: daily online, offline -Blog posts tailored to your place of research or genealogy technology proficiency

-Units to address where you are researching and common problems had by researchers

Join Genealogy Just Ask PLUS today, and benefit from me being available to assist you from my home to yours!

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