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Introduce Genealogy to the Next Generation: EmulateMe and FamilySearch

Can you believe this is an emulation of Mrs. Otis Edna Tucker Vance, my grandmother, created entirely by AI? I created my #Avatar using #EmulateMeAI. It’s so realistic, watch it here:

It seems that everybody has got the Ai rave. I have been watching for a real incentive. Well, guess what! EmulateMe has got just what you need to get your children and grandchildren going with family history. I had been talking with the founder of EmulateMe, Ariel Mathov, who is an associated organization to FamilySearch. You can make emulations if you import FamilySearch.

Chatting with your family member

I like the feeling of you chatting with your family members, interacting with their information in a new way, and YES, watching them and listening to them. I have already made four or more.

You need audio, a photo, and you can use the Script function to type in what you want it to say. You save it as an .mp4 and show it to your children or grandchildren. If you start with a chat, you ask your emulator questions. You can save those as well. Saving functions are Facebook, Twitter, What's App, copy the URL, or save it to your computer.

Basic tutorial

First step: Sign up with a FamilySearch account at Here is the sign up if you do not have an FamilySearch account: FamilySearch Sign Up

It is really important to sign up with a FamilySearch account to enable the import of information. If you have trouble, here is a knowledge document: How do I create a free FamilySearch account

Where it says "New emulation" name your person. Put a date of birth and death.

Add voice clips. Make it at least 1 minute. Record your own voice and/or audio files.

  • Record your own voice

  • Upload your audio

  • Import audio files from FamilySearch

  • Continue to next step

Add a photo.

  • Upload a photo

  • Import from FamilySearch

  • Continue to next step

Add documents.

  • Upload a document - .txt or .pdf

  • Answer questions

  • Import documents from FamilySearch

Select Script or Chat.

  • Script - You can tell your emulation exactly what you want said.

  • Chat

Chat: Ask a question, and get an answer with text, audio, video. Share.

The emulations are stored on EmulateMe. in your account for later use. I used chat to make the video above. Come to Genealogy! Just Ask! and get the 10% promocode.


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