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Family history: As easy as reading the newspaper

By Robin Foster

The Index-Journal (Greenwood, South Carolina) · Mon, Mar 29, 1982 · Page 6 , Downloaded on Dec 2, 2014,

It really is true that when you focus really hard on what you want to achieve and keep your life in balance everything aligns to bring a result far greater than you expected. We have seen so many blessings at Genealogy! just Ask! from helping other people overcome research challenges. For me, today has been no exception.

I have been bullied lately from someone who rudley points out that he has his family history researched all the way back to Adam (really?), and that I must feel bad because I will never will be able to do that. He cannot see that I am more concerned about finding the most recent evidences that no one has gathered. I am enjoying myself. Don't I have the right to discover my family and enjoy my journey my way?

Anyway, I have vowed to not let him get the best of me. It is hard to let people be who they are and not resort to "stooping to their level" as my grandmother would say. Unseen forces have warmed my heart today though.

I was researching Rev. Conley Lincoln Henderson who passed away in Chicago, Illinois but was a minister at Weston Chapel AME in Greenwood, South Carolina. I am trying to document the ministers buried in Fairview Cemetery. I went to search for Rev. Henderson on I found this article about the construction of Mt. Sinai AME Church in front of the old building where a marriage was documented that took place in 1880.

In the article it was mentioned that my great grandfather, Lafayette Franklin Vance (1861-1952) also pastored there. What a gift that I have been given to always come across precious connections to my family in my research. I never knew my great grandfather served in Bradley, South Carolina.

I am so excited to go to see this old building and to find out what history about my ancestor thay have. Just as amazing to me is the fact that my progenitors interracted with the folks I am researching, and the evidence is unfolding. I can feel help and acceptance by those who have passed on. I may not be documenting prior to AD, but I am on sacred ground.

UPDATE: I found another piece of history mentioning the same building and my great grandfather, Lafayette:

The Index-Journal (Greenwood, South Carolina) · Sat, Mar 31, 1979 · Page 3, Downloaded on Dec 2, 2014,

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