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Journeys in Genealogy with Seitz Travel

My name is Cynthia Breaux Seitz. I grew up in Golden Meadow. From a young age, I have had a passion for my family history and have created an extensive family tree. I have always dreamed of going to see the places where my ancestors lived. I knew that I was not alone and that many others here in Louisiana would love to go there and see those places but like me, had no idea where to start or where those places were. So, I did research and put together some tours to take the people of Louisiana to the places of their motherlands. I was hoping you would share this information with others in your genealogy group We have several tours coming up including a heritage tour to Malaga, Spain, a heri

On the Outskirts of Columbia

"On the Outskirts of Columbia" is the story of Kelly Cemetery and the story of the land surrounding it and the people associated with the cemetery in Richland County, South Carolina. Lake Katherine - Kilbourne and other nearby lands from 1784 to 2015 are also included. At one time the old land deeds and burial grounds were up to five miles outside Columbia, but today they are in the center of the city. In addition, it is nearly impossible to "document a direct chain of title for Richland County lands from the original eighteenth grant through the present day." Fortunately, this history was able to be established using ownership for the lands, titles, equity bills, common pleas cases, and

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