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What Have You Uploaded as Memories?

I love to go to the FamilySearch Center. People may wonder what you can do that stands for family history. Families have a lot of photos and documents that they can upload to FamilySearch Memories. I thought it would be great to tell you about all kinds of Memories that you might not have seen uploaded before.

You can add Memories on How do I upload Memories to FamilySearch? You can also visit the FamilySearch Center where you can ask a volunteer to show you how to upload.

We handle a lot of documents and photos over the course of our lives. What do you do with them? I was so excited because Genealogy! Just Ask! Group had listed many different kinds of Memories. Can you think of any that are not here? Put it below in the comments section. I will add it to the list in the group.



Military records

Birth certificate

Marriage certificate

Death certificate

Religious records


Report Card


Journal entries



Yearbook photos

DNA links


Court documents

Conservatorship paperwork

Fishing license

Sound recordings

Funeral talk


Recipe book

Ship logs

Google Maps


Funeral guest book

Social Security Card

Embroidered items

Job offer

Bullet-ridden photos

Worker compensation


Land records

FBI file

Bicycle license

Tax collector letter from Governor


Western Union

Covid documents

Maybe this has sparked your memory of what you can include.


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