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Things Genealogy Beginners Forget

It does not take too long to get overwhelmed and forget some of the basics of being a well-rounded genealogy researcher. If you are beginning or feel like you are starting over, review the reminders below which are sometimes easily overlooked. Save JPEGS It used to be those photos were stuffed in the sock drawer without a name or a date on the back. Today you take tons of pictures on your phone that stay there. Family member’s photos become treasures after the person passes away. You have taken snapshots that are trapped on your phone. Upload the pictures and share them with family members so that everyone can have a copy. Do not allow your family to be trapped as jpegs. Share them on Box or Dropbox and invite your family members. You can even put them on your FamilySearch Memories.

Talk to family members Make it easy for your family members to know who the family historians are so they know who to call on when they want to learn more about their heritage. Also, sit down and record or video the folks in your family that can help you make connections to the past before it is too late. One of the biggest regrets family historians openly admit is not asking the right questions before their loved ones passes away. Transcribed recordings make it easy to access clues for family history research. In addition, questions for interviewing relatives will help get your family members to open up and possibly share new stories. You count too If you neglect to tell the story of anyone in your family, most likely you will forget that the most important history to preserve is your own. If you do not tell it, someone else will, you may not like their version. Take time to make a permanent record of your memories, photos, and records. Try FamilySearch Memories.

Family Heirlooms

A hope chest, antique furniture, or wedding bands are family treasures that have storytelling of how they came into your family. Perhaps they were acquired by an ancestor at a great cost or sacrifice. Tell the story and include a photo. Unfortunately, too many family treasures get tossed to the curb because the stories behind them faded with time. At one time, they were precious to your family.

House history Homes have a genealogy that you can trace. Know where your ancestor’s homestead is? Chances are several generations grew up there - if those walls could talk! Share the stories that came down to you and trace the records to show the details about how the property was acquired.

Involve your family Whether young or old, discovering your ancestors should be a family affair. Plan to enjoy family activities together. Remember, the rudiments of research may not be the thing that excites most of the people in your family to participate in family history. Make it fun for everyone and keep what you do a short and memorable experience. See Research Wiki: Beginners


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