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Some Librarians Like 'The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County' Can Chat

Do you still have questions, but cannot get into the library? Well, see if they chat with you to answer your question. Libraries are closed, but still offer this service. Just go to the library site to check it out.

I have never been to "The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County," but yesterday I got assistance from the librarian on chat. I found the website at Research Wiki: Hamilton County, Ohio Genealogy. I went to: The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County:

I then clicked on "My Librarian" on the left side of the page. That's where I learned that they have the following methods of communicating:

- Chat

- Text

- E-mail

- Phone

I clicked on "Chat Now."

I was looking for a book on Hughes High School in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1937. So, I asked in the chat. I saw the librarian begin to type:

They have a book about Hughes High School 1937 class reunion in 1962.

The librarian shared the URL of the book with me, but of course since they are closed, I cannot check it out.

I was told that they also participate in OhioLink service, and they can often scan and e-mail specific pages or articles from a book.

I also asked how to find the genealogy section of the library: Genealogy.

I hope you liked that I showed you how I got my answers through chatting with the librarian at The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. All different libraries have a different system, but check to see if the library in your ancestor's location has a chat. It was great that they were available to answer my question while they are really closed at this time.

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I have a lot of family (Moore) from Hamilton County and they seem to have one of the most awesome set of local research resources I've ever found! I really appreciate them!

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