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I am so excited to share that Google can be accessed from the Person View in FamilySearch’s Family Tree. Historical records can be found for the ancestor you have been working on in the Person View. I will show you how to access the feature and add a source.

How to access Google on Family Tree

1. First you need to be signed in. Click “Sign In:”

2. You will be taken to this page:

3. Next, click on Family Tree next to FamilySearch:

4. Now, you need to choose a person from the Family Tree. I clicked on Ora Nelms, and her Person Card came up:

5. On the bottom of Ora Nelms’ card is the word “Person.” Click there:

6. Clicking “Person” takes you to Ora Nelms’ “Person View.” This is the page that comes up:

7. On the right are the FamilySearch Partners. Google is listed last. We are going to search Google for historical documents. Click Google:

In the box that comes up, we get to choose different ways of searching for Ora. She married so we have two last names with which to find her: Nelms and Foster. Next, we can choose the years we would like to find her. She was born Walls, Mississippi, and we can search for her there, but she also lived in Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee, Sacramento, California, Cleveland, Ohio, and she died in Joliet, Illinois.

Last, we can suggest keywords that are associated with her, such as newspaper, obituary, etc.

8. Next, we click on “Search:” Google comes up, and we can find historical records that name Ora. The page below are images that came up on the Google search. They happen to be images I posted on my blog, Genealogy Just Ask. Each one could be added as a source.

Google < "Ora Nelms" 1895..1971 Walls, DeSoto, Mississippi, United States ~genealogy < Images

Adding Sources

I will add this source now:

Here is the blog post:

1. The first thing I need to do now is to go back to the Person View for Ora Nelms. Next, click on “Sources:”

2. I am adding a source from Google, so click on ”Add Source.”

3. Click “Add New Source:”

4. Complete the form. Click “Save:”

5. The source we found on Google is the first source on the list:

Hopefully, this example of searching Google from Ora Nelms helps you to see how you can quickly find records from the Person View. I was excited to provide this tutorial for you.

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