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Note from the Author of "My Best Genealogy Tips: Finding Formerly Enslaved Ancestors"


UPDATE: My Best Genealogy Tips: Finding Formerly Enslaved Ancestors has an eBook on Amazon.

I know it has been too long since you heard from me. Just because I was not on this blog, I still was doing genealogy or family history. Some of you know that I have a new book that came out on 8 August 2022. Right now, the book is on Amazon. I will have a Kindle eBook. I first must learn Kindle Create. I took a tutorial, and I understand it now.

My Best Genealogy Tips: Finding Formerly Enslaved Ancestors is a compilation of much of the research I have done on my family. That coupled with all the people I have assisted since 1985 has given me a great perspective.

I want to take this opportunity to talk about what comes to mind that is not in the book. The first place that I will start is Fairview Cemetery in Greenwood, South Carolina. Just take a look at what it looks like now.

I just get so sad. I have people buried there. Senator Frank Gilbert Sr.'s (D. 1999) mother, Essie Johnson Gilbert (1895-1962) is buried there. When we were there in 2014, we cleaned the cemetery to find the burials there. It was a success. We documented eight hundred people. There were about seventy graves which were documented.

It just should not look the way it does. It is in a neighborhood where people could walk the grounds among heroes buried there. I pray that Heavenly Father helps me get back to have it cleaned.

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