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In 1952, Lafayette Franklin Vance Oldest SC AME Minister Dies at 91

This is another historical newspaper article that I just found from Rev. Lafayette Franklin Vance was my great grandfather. He was born in 1861 before enslavement was ended. He passed away on September 28, 1952.

He became a pastor in Abbeville County, SC, and today the place he was born would be Greenwood County, SC. Greenwood County, SC came out of Abbeville County in 1897. I am deeply grateful for the AME Church being there for my great grandfather to embrace. He embraced the learning institution, Payne Institute, which was in Hodges, Greenwood County today. He was pastor and presiding elder for more than fifty years.

Payne Institute was moved to Columbia, SC. It's name was changed to Allen University. Rev. Vance lived many places, and he preached in yet more. I know that he lived in Union County, SC and Clinton, Laurens County, SC and in Columbia and Gadsden, Richland County, SC. Rev. Vance was a graduate and former trustee for Allen University. I am looking for those records.

Rev. Vance was hospitalized when he passed away. Where was he hospitalized? I believe I will find the answer. I am so fortunate to have learned so much about this ancestor.

My goal is to give back in special ways to institutions like Allen University, the AME Church, and Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital. I recognize where we would have been had we not had institutions such as these to depend on. I love my great grandfather. At times, I can feel him watching over me as I research or write or discover. I know he knows that I will not forget these places.

A special thanks goes to Keith E. Norris who also found this article and let me know it in Genealogy! Just Ask!


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