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Find Student, Community, Schools, and Town North Carolina Newspapers Online

It's important to make sure you check all types of historic newspapers student, community, school, and town. For example, your ancestor's death may have been it the community newspaper and in the school newspaper. Also, one database may not contain all the historic newspapers. You may have to go to another database or to an offline resource to view the historic newspaper you need.

Estate of Angus Ray, Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 5 January 1865, page 1, column 5

The administrator of the estate of Angus Ray hired out Negroes from that estate. I updated the Research Wiki so that you can find historic newspapers for Cumberland County, North Carolina.

Brick Wall Demolition

How does knowing that you can look for your ancestors in student, community, schools, and town historic newspapers change you chances of finding them?

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