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Robert Foster, US Army Tank-Automotive-Command, Mathematical Statistician in Warren, Michigan

Robert Foster, Application for Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred Upon Sale And/Or Purchase of Residence Upon Change of Duty Station.

On 30 August 1968, I would have been three years old. We had moved from Concord, California to Warren, Michigan. Robert Foster, my dad moved from one duty station to another in the US Army Tank-Automotive-Command. At age thirty, he as a mathematical statistician, GS-12.

My mom, sister and me were with him. He had completed five years of civilian public service. This was his progression since he entered federal service:

GS Grade Position Title Entry date

GS-05 Mathematical Statistician December 1963

GS-07 Mathematical Statistician February 1964

GS-09 Mathematical Statistician May 1965

GS-11 Mathematical Statistician June 1967

GS-12 Mathematical Statistician August 1968

Our address was 8131 Knodell Ave., Detroit, Michigan. His old duty station was Naval Weapons Station, Concord, CA. His new duty station was AMSTA - EE, Warren, Michigan. He reported for duty at the new station on 22 September 1968.

I have an application for reimbursements of expenses incurred upon sale and/or purchase of residence upon change of duty station. The dwelling was a single family dwelling. It cost $12,575.00. It was a huge house. Visitors like my dad's mom, Ora, had their own place to stay when they visited.

The greatest memory I have about being here is waiting for my dad to come home at night. We would all gather in the front room. He would walk in. My sister and I would be so excited. He would always be dressed in a suit a tie. He seemed so happy.

He would grab both of us and take turns nibbling our ears. We would giggle profusely. Then we would sit on our red velvet sofa and listen to him talk to mom. Not long after, we would go to bed. They would stay up. I always knew my father was a smart man. Throughout my life down to this day, I have never forgotten.

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