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Daddy's Rough Draft of Grandma's Obituary

Mrs. Ora Nelms Foster Obituary, Joliet, Illinois,

It seems like it was just yesterday, but 29 January 1971 was so long ago. That was the day we said goodbye to my grandma, Mrs. Ora Nelms Foster. I kept my father's, Robert Foster's, rough draft of her funeral program. I knew how important details were to him so I appreciate having this.

She was born 19 January 1900 in Walls, Mississippi to Mr. and Mrs. Hence Nelms. She married the late James Foster in 1916.

Mrs. Ora Nelms Foster Obituary, Joliet, Illinois,

My father's one comment about grandma's labor in the church since baptism speaks volumes to me. "Mrs. Foster was a dedicated, conscientious and untiring for the church and Supreme since baptism and inception into the church for over period of sixty years. During her long and dedicated church career, she served as a member of the choir, on several neighborhood improvement, and mother of the church.'" wrote Daddy.

She left a huge family at the time. " ... nine sons and two daughters, a sister, thirty grandchildren, seven daughter-in laws, one son-in-law, eight great grandchildren, three nieces, two nephews, a host of great nieces

and nephews,'' were what my daddy counted.

Grandma Ora had come to our house in Joliet, Illlinois on her final trip from Cleveland, Ohio. I do not remember when she took sick, but I do remember her sitting with us while my mom did my hair. While she sat with us, she told me she wanted me to memorize the 23rd Psalm.

I opened up the Bible to the 23rd Psalm. I memorized each verse then I repeated it for her the last time. I was about six years old, but I knew I had done something extremely important. Grandma said, "Everything you will ever have a question about will be in there."

The scriptures have always been the place to go for answers since that day. They have never failed. Thank you, Grandma for taking the time to give me what you did before you had to leave.

Mrs. Ora Nelms Foster Obituary, Joliet, Illinois,

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