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Greenville Chapter of the Genealogical Society in SC Learn of Greenville County, SC Resources on Res

On Sunday, March 17, 2019, We went to where the Greenville Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society meets monthly at the South Carolina Museum and Library of Confederate History in the Pettigru Historic District operated by the 16th Regiment, S. C. Volunteers, Sons of Confederate Veterans at 15 Boyce Avenue in Greenville, South Carolina. They had asked for me to speak on Greenville County, South Carolina resources. The Research Wiki was replete with resources.

I asked how many of them had seen the Research Wiki. When neither had, I was so grateful that I had come. I had sent a copy of my presentation for each participant to have later: Greenville County, South Carolina Presentation, but the strangest thin happened. We had technical difficulties, so I decided to direct them while they kept up with me on their mobile devices.

This method of learning to use the resources was the better way for them to learn. I was so surprised. Their comments looks on their faces as they discovered the place, Greenville County, South Carolina, on the Research Wiki with all the resources under that place like Cemeteries, County Courthouse, Land and Property, Probate Records, and Newspapers, made me really happy.

They navigated to South Carolina Online Records Genealogy and found South Carolina records such as birth, marriage, death, census, church, military, immigration, and naturalization records online at,,, and We even found

We found the FamilySearch Catalog where they could search for genealogical materials for Greenville County, SC. We also searched using to two other catalogs on that page OCLC WorldCat and ArchiveGrid, and they brought up resources for Greenville County, SC and ancestors they are researching.

I told them how I was able to find resources on Greenville County, South Carolina on Research Wiki. It helped me to Locate the Graves of J. K. Vance and Burwell Chick. In closing I expressed to them the importance of sharing what they discover and adding it to the Research Wiki so that when someone comes along they do not have to start from scratch: Submit Wiki Content.

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