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Hope Mills 1st Ward, Hope Mills, NC Members Meetup at RootsTech

We took a photo at the Family History Library. Ellis McClure, Robin Foster - Temple and Family HistoryHope Mills 1st Ward, Hope Mills, NC Consultant, and Joshua Carruth from the Hope Mills 1st Ward, Hope Mills, NC.

Family History Library

I was so excited that Joshua was coming out to RootsTech! We had gotten a phone call from him asking to meet up with us on Thursday, February 28th and Friday, March 1st.  We see each other Sunday at Church. I am so glad the bishop mentioned to him that he could meet up with us out there. 

He got in Thursday night and met us at Fat Jack's Burger Emporium after 9:00 pm.  We had just come from 

a meeting. He was so excited and ready to learn. We planned to met the next morning at the Family History Library. 

Joshua worked upstairs on the third floor with a Sister who reviewed with him adding people, person pages, searching from the person page to find ancestors, attaching records to the Family Tree, and much more. She reviewed Contact Us within where he could find help:

My Temple and Family History Consultants

My Family History Centers
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Exhibit Hall
We headed over to the exhibit hall at RootsTech to introduce some of the exhibitors. We were going to meet up with some friends for dinner, but we had some time to introduce him too:
We met up with Pat Richley-Erickson (DearMYRTLE) and Gordon Erickson where Joshua got a personal invitation to follow and learn  from Pat. 
Each of the exhibitors that we stopped by were very helpful and explained to Joshua how to to get started. I am very grateful to them.
Back at Family History Library
Later after dinner, we went back to the Family History Library where Joshua met Elder Walton who guided him as he worked on his family history. Ellis and I would be taking our flight out the next day, Joshua would stick around a few more days. 

 Elder Walton assisting Joshua on first floor of Family History Library.

 Elder Walton assisting Joshua on first floor of Family History Library. 

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