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Adding Your Photos to Family Tree

In addition to all the historical records, you can add stories or oral history for each person on the Family Tree, it is important to add these stories otherwise one day they will be completely forgotten.

Click on "Memories" on the person page:

Next, I had to choose to upload the photo or choose the photo from the gallery:

I added my dad's college diploma from Central State College or Central State University as it is known today. Central State is walking distance from Wilberforce University where my mother went.

I added the following details:

Title: Central State College, Bachelor of Science

Event Date: 5 August 1962

Event Place: Wilberforce, Greene, Ohio, United States

Description: College diploma from Central State College

You can add each photo to the person on Family Tree, and you can also tag each person on the Family Tree that is shown in a photo. Items such as this diploma can be added making the person's record more complete. We would love to know if you have questions. Visit us on Genealogy! Just Ask!

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