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Free to Be!

By Jan Edwards and Robin Foster


“It does not take much for Jan to get me excited about something, but today her post made me remember the feelings that I have that run very deep about this country and our heritage. I have always told people how much I love this country and how fortunate it is to have the freedoms we enjoy. I grew up reading about the people who immigrated here and the reasons they left their homelands. I have researched my ancestors, and some of them did not come here by choice. They were enslaved, but they never used that as a reason not to succeed. I watched my family especially my father and brother build businesses. I never saw my father punch a clock. He picked me up everyday from school and brought me home to a home cooked meal. He told me, “a quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. Never forget that!” My father loved this country. I have always said this country was founded on the free enterprise system. This is a free country. That is what it was foreordained to be. It is! It still is! You just still need to have courage and strength. You still need to be brave. Most importantly, you have got to have something to share! So keep believing in America!

Thanks, Jan!


I was taking a shower this morning and I was just feeling pretty dang happy. It came to me for the first time in a long time that when it comes to family history or genealogy we are free to be!

We are free to be and do what we think is right. We don’t have the restrictions of working for someone else or being under a corporation with lots of bosses, rules, regulations and “this is the way a PRO has to do it.”

We are free to do and be!

And…. It is so liberating!

The creative thoughts and ideas are just flowing! I say to Robin, “Can’t we have this,” and she goes and creates it, or she says “How do you like this”? It’s so darn fun!

We have goals for Genealogy! Just Ask!

1. Help the people find their people.

2. Free assistance in our chats, forums, and on Facebook pages.

3. Teach them how we did it if they have a desire to learn.

4. If they don’t have a desire to learn but just want the answer, ok, give it to them!

5. Teach and train… We bought an online classroom for the year! I have had the

desire to train online for so long! So we did it!

We have a classroom!

6. Reach people online in “their comfort zone!” You don’t like Facebook, ok we have a

website! Are you a Pinterest fan?

Ok, we have Pinterest! Tweet! Tweet, Tweet, we have Twitter! Skype lover,

(yes, me too!) we have a Skype chat!

7. Include anyone that wants to assist others in helping others and boot anyone out that

(how do I say this nice) is a pain in the butt (Yes, that was nice).

8. Change our minds! We are free to change our minds!

Free to be, free to give, free to charge if we want too,free to not charge if we want too. Free to teach a class of 100, free to teach private lessons. Free to teach family history consultants or genealogy societies, all online.

We can work a case as long as we want, as much as we want. We don’t have to listen to “teach a man to fish” unless we want. We don’t have to hear you have 5 hours to figure out 40 year brick walls.

Did I mention it was “liberating?”

I have always wanted to teach private lessons. Like, you want to learn the piano so you pay for private lessons. I have been told over and over no one wants that. No one will pay for private lessons. I have always felt differently. So we will be having private lessons!

We will be offering classes to teach many topics from research to social media and much more! Some will be free and some we will charge for.

How would you like to learn how to use the sites online? How would you like to see how we worked a case and found the answer? How would you like to learn how to get the most out of social media?

We are interested in topics that you are interested in learning about! So please share things you wish you knew how to do!

Look for constant additions for what we will be offering!

Yep! We are free to be!

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