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Browsing Images at FamilySearch Made Easier

By Jan Edwards

fs records.png

FamilySearch Records:

Did you realize when searching collections on FamilySearch if it says volume A-C or 1-3 there will be 3 page 3’s or 3 indexes in the collections?

Let me show you.

Let’s look at the Arkansas, Probate Records, 1817-1979. This is a browse image only collections which meaning you must look at the images. There are NO search windows. This collection has not been indexed.

This collection contains 939,415 images. Click on those!


I selected Drew County.


Then I selected the collection, Probate Records 1874-1887 Vol. G-H.

This means there are two volumes in one book, two page 2’s.


Notice there are 675 images.


The first thing that I like to do is see if there is a built in index for the collection. I usually start with page 10. It seems silly, but many times the first few pages are blank, black, title or descriptions.

You can see that there was a built in index (the letter C).


This is the index to the first volume!

There are 675 images! Let’s find the second set of indexes for the next volume! I like to divide the total of images roughly in half, so change the image number to 340. Hit enter on your keyboard.



You can see we did not go far enough as this is pages 594 and 595; let’s put in the numbers 370, and hit enter on your keyboard.


You can see we just found the second index!

If it is Volume A-C, most the time there will be 3 page 3’s! If it is Volume 1-3, there will be three page 3’s!

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