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Speed Limit 65

By Jan Edwards


I was recently on a road trip, and in Oregon the speed limit on the Interstates is 65. I always drive the speed limit, get in the car, set the cruise control at the speed limit, and head out. I noticed on several trips and this one recently that I think I’m the only one driving 65, either that or my cruise control is busted. It looks like I’m sitting still, car after car flying by me and the thought came to me “Why are we in such a big hurry?”

One time I was driving and there was a train crossing; just as I was getting close I saw the “ARM” starting to block the crossing, and I thought “I am not waiting for this train.” I drove 7 miles to get around it!

The other day we went to a restaurant; it was busy. They said “It’s going to be 20 minutes.” We left. Driving up to a fast food window, and we are irritated if we have to wait for the car in front of us.

I even caught myself pacing when the microwave popcorn was popping thinking “This is taking forever.” Why are we in such a big hurry? We want everything NOW! We are a hurry up and get-ter done society. We want instant food, instant pleasure, instant pedigree charts.

Let’s talk about what we miss:

1. We miss the view, the scenery.

2. We miss the taste and flavor.

3. We miss family time, conversation time and enjoying our life time.

4. We miss the clues that might break down a brick wall.

Yep, Speed Limit 65, slow' er down a little bit!

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