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Indexers Rock!

By Jan Edwards

Thank you INDEXERS! You ROCK!

Today was a day of appreciation towards those that spend countless hours indexing! That is one tough job! Every time we go to a search window and type in a name we need to say “THANK-YOU INDEXERS!”

Without their dedication and constant work we would not be able to just “TYPE IN A NAME.” We would be ordering in film, looking at reel after reel one image at a time, searching and searching for the names we are seeking.

Those unindexed film are called “BROWSE IMAGE ONLY” collections now. Some of the challenges the indexers face are…Smeared ink, missing ink, too much ink, water stain over part of the name, part of the page missing or torn, script handwriting, poor spelling, poor writing, uneducated writer, uneducated informant. Is the letter and F or a T, S or and L, A or an O, M or a W, V or a U, V or an N? WHEW!

Indexers are AMAZING! Thank you for your dedication and time!

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