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We do provide research assistance.

Contact us one our Facebook Groups or by email.

Research Assistance

We prefer to help you through our Facebook group because it is faster than e-mail by far. You can join us here:  Genealogy! Just Ask!  You may submit your information using the form below. We will let you know how much your research will cost.


Contact Form


If you choose to contact us using the form below, please provide as much information as you have so that we do not provide you information that you "already know." All the fields below are mandatory. If you do not have an answer for a field below, put "I do not know (except the last one)."


We need to know all the details that you have as well as each person you can name in the family who was a spouse, sibling, parent, or child.  Please be clear about what you want us to help you find, and please only ask one question at a time.


Please tell us about the records that you already have. We will provide the resources that will help you. Some will be online. Some will be resources offline where you will need to contact or pay the repository to get the record. 


Also, please note that we answer Facebook questions quicker, and e-mails take a little longer.  Some folks ask for five days to respond to you by e-mail, but we will respond quicker that that.  

Your details were sent successfully!

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