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Wayback Machine: When You Stumble on Links That Do Not Work


This was shared by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, owner of Nutfield Genealogy:

29 February 2020

"I love the Wayback Machine! I heard that threatened cuts to the Library of Congress place this at the top of the list for defunding. Write your senators and congress people today!"


We use Internet Archive or The Wayback Machine when you stumble on links or URL's that are no longer working. Many of the seasoned family historians or genealogists know to go to the Wayback Machine to get past those annoying 404 pages. The Wayback Machine takes you to an archived copy of the URL.

Take a moment and watch this video from GenealogyTV called Free Internet Archive & Wayback Machine:

Internet Archive offers texts, video, audio, TV, software, images, concerts, and other collections. If you have not visited the site in a while, check it out again. If you have questions check out The Wayback Machine in the Internet Archive Help Center.

To test out The Wayback Machine, try going to Here is an archived URL: from May 27, 2016. Today the working URL is

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