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Nine Months To Tell the Story

You are invited to our new event: Nine Months to #TellTheStory

You have until May 15, 2016. You are encouraged to pick one of the following tasks: 1. Prove or disprove a believe that comes from your own oral or written family history using a record. 2. Record an ancestor (audio or video) 3. Share copies of a photograph of an ancestor with the younger generation. 4. Record a story of your own (audio or video) After you have completed one of the activities above, encourage a neighbor or friend to complete one too. We want to encourage everyone to also take a closer look at how oral history, photographs, and stories can help you find historical records. Share your success on the Genealogy Memories! Just Ask! Facebook Group Event Page

I have created many treasures to help my posterity learn more about their ancestors. I will be sharing my new creations and past projects on our event page throughout our event.

Here is a book I created about our family's history and my own journey to South Carolina at a few years ago. You should be able to browse each page:

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Modified 1- My Best Genealogy Tips Finding Formerly Enslaved Ancestors_edited.jpg
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Robin R. Foster
Robin R. Foster
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Check out my new genealogy book: Books2Read

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