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Power of Two Plus You!

By Jan Edwards

After the most amazing month of working as a “power of two,” Robin Foster and I have decided to work together to assist, teach and train others through out the world! A couple of months ago I was wanting to create a Facebook page and needed a catchy name, instantly the words “Genealogy, Just Ask!” popped into my mind.

We have decided to keep this name and do just that, let other’s ask questions, work together and see if we can’t find the help needed to answer the questions. We hope many will benefit from this “teamwork!” One person cannot know everything, but everyone can know something.

Put great ideas together and you can accomplish so much more then struggling by yourself. We may not know all the answers, but we may know one answer that will assist you in assisting yourself! Feel free to help when you know the answer. Do not hesitate or feel like any question is silly or unimportant.

Robin has created all types of Social Media to accomplish this, if Facebook isn’t your bag, maybe Skype is. Do you love Pinterest? We are there!

What an exciting time to have so many different methods to teach and assist each other! We are a no pressure, fun loving, excited about we do organization! Come join in the fun!

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