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Come to Our Next Event: "Father Unknown"

Filmmaker, David Quint and his dad, Urban Quint, are inviting you to join us to watch with us "Father Unknown," and we will discuss the film. We will be coming together to watch the film and discuss their journey and you are invited to join our event Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 8:00 pm. EST. See the event here. You will not have to rent or buy the film. Be sure to bring that popcorn and soda! We are giving you a chance to be with our group and discuss the miraculous chain of events that happened when the Quint's did their search. "Father Unknown" is a great film for those who are researching family members. If you have seen "Father Unknown" we would love to have you join us again, and we w

Finding Evidence of Enslavement in the Family

Edna Foster, Robin Foster, Adrianne McClure Benjamin, Ellis McClure standing my sign at Seekwell Baptist Church in Maybinton, Newberry County, South Carolina were Anderson Chick is buried. Photo taken by Doretha Chick in 2005. Burial spot for Anderson Chick and Elenia Coleman Chick in Seekwell Baptist Church Cemetery in Maybinton, Newberry County, South Carolina. Taken by Robin Foster in 2005. Have you ever wondered how to determine if there was an enslaved person or an enslaver in your family history? You may lack the understanding of how to do that type of investigating. Whether your ancestor was enslaved or an enslaver, in a series of posts I will share the first resources that you should

Watch "Father Unknown" with Us

"Father Unknown" on Vimeo "In watching David's and his father's story, I felt as though I had a front-row seat into their lives, and experienced both their heartaches and their heart joys! I greatly appreciate their allowing us, likely total strangers, into their very private moments. I’m not sure I could have done the same! It was also great seeing and “feeling” the instant connection that newly-acquainted family members had with each other. I have recently experienced firsthand, that same type of instant connection, so their story was especially meaningful to me!" --- Debi Page Michael, Member of Genealogy! Just Ask! Filmmaker, David Quint and his dad, Urban Quint, are inviting y

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