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Granddaddy, James Foster, Sr., Registered for the U.S. WWII Draft

I posted the obituary for my granddaddy last week. I was glad to have found it because it told me a great deal about who was there and where the cemetery is located. This week, I am just as pleased to post that I have discovered he registered for the U.S. WWII Draft. The National Archives in St. Louis, Missouri; St. Louis, Missouri; Draft Registration Cards for Tennessee, 10/16/1940-03/31/1947; Record Group: Records of the Selective Service System, 147; Box: 97 The U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947 was where I found the card. He had registered in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Every piece of information no matter how seemingly insignificant it is is valuable to me. If you follow

I Found My Granddaddy's Obituary: James Foster (1897-1962)

UPDATE: This is actually the Death Notice, according to Dennis Lohr on LinkedIn. So, actually I could find the obituary which has a lot more information. I will let you know as I keep looking! Let this be a lesson to those who have searched for years for information on ancestors and have not found what they were looking for. It does not matter how long it takes. Do not ever give up. I have made some great discoveries on my maternal side, but I have come up with a lot of dead ends on my dad's side. This week after a long, long time, I found my grandfather's death notice: It has the whole family and where each was living. I found this obituary on I had to purchase an additional

I Found Columbus and Coreene McClure's Marriage in Alabama County Marriages, 1809-1950

Alabama County Marriages, 1809-1950." Database with images. FamilySearch. : 15 July 2020. County Probate Courts, Alabama. Coverage Tables First of all, it is important to know if a collection you are going to search in has the years and covers the county you will be searching. Nothing is more disappointing than spending time time searching a collection only to find the record you want is not there. Check the coverage first. You will also want to be sure to check for the coverage of "colored" ancestors. See the Coverage for Alabama County marriages: Alabama County Marriage Coverage Table. After making certain that there was a possibility that I could locate Ellis gran

North Carolina, Center for Health Statistics, Vital Records Unit, County Birth Records, 1913-1922

"North Carolina, Center for Health Statistics, Vital Records Unit, County Birth Records, 1913-1922." Database. FamilySearch. : 14 July 2020. North Carolina Department of Public Health, Office of Vital Records, Raleigh. Records Available Before 1913 Before 1913, no births were recorded by the county or state except in Raleigh beginning in 1890 and Wilmington beginning in 1904. Delayed certificates of birth were filed with the register of deeds where you ancestor was born. Begin with the register of deeds for delayed birth certificates. If you want to find your ancestor's birth before 1913 you need to use substitute records such as: Death Records Cemetery Records Newsp

Tennessee Deaths, 1914-1966 Bring to Light More of Lucy Nelms' Children

"Tennessee Deaths, 1914-1966." Database with images. FamilySearch. : 12 July 2020. Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville. Tennessee Deaths, 1914-1966 was the collection that brought to light two children of Lucy Nelms. The collection also has death records from the years 1964, 1965, and 1966. The things that you may find on the Tennessee death record are: Name Address Sex Race Marital status Date of birth Age Occupation Birthplace Name of father; birthplace Maiden name of mother; birthplace Informant Date of death Cause of death Place of burial or removal; date Undertaker; date I was surprised to find the next two death certificates because the mother is m

Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994 Covers Deaths Reported to County Clerk by Physicians

"Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994." Database. FamilySearch. : 9 July 2020. Citing County Clerk, Cook County Courthouse, Chicago. The Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994 is the name of a collection of deaths for Chicago and Cook County, Illinois which are indexed. It covers the years 1878 to 1939 and 1955 to 1994. In 1877, all deaths were to be reported to the county clerk by physicians. Look-up After the death of Columbus McClure (1881-1930) in Birmingham, Alabama, his wife and sons migrated to Chicago, Illinois. His sons Columbus and Archie lives and raised their families in Chicago. Their death are in the Illinois Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994 index: Mc

Pennsylvania Delayed Birth Records, 1941-1976 Represent Births from 1780 to 1920 and Later

"Pennsylvania Delayed Birth Records, 1941-1976", Database. FamilySearch. : 8 July 2020 Pennsylvania Delayed Birth Records, 1941-1976 is a collection available at If your ancestor was born before civil registrations took place, he or she may be found here. Check to see which counties are searched by going to What is in This collection? Look-up Let just say I would like to see what people were born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania prior to civil registration with the last name of Vance. These would be the five results: Pennsylvania Delayed Birth Records, 1941-1976, Five results from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, <

The Last Days of Andrew McKnight's (D. 22 June 1889) Life

This blog post was written on behalf of the Union County Community Remembrance Project (UCCRP) which seeks to document and recognize the history of lynching and racial terrorism in Union County. We seek to foster ongoing collaborative education, justice, and healing. Contact: Nate Johnson, Park Manager Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism 2677 Sardis Road Union, SC 29379 864-427-5966 The Weekly Union Times of Union C.H., South Carolina ran an article about the lynching of Andrew McKnight on 22 June 1889. It was entitled "Lynching a Worthless Negro." I had to take a long pause before writing this article. In fact, I had to

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