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A Basic Plan for Searching for Your Ancestor Among Genealogy Society Records

Do you need to contact a genealogy society in the place where your ancestor lived to see if they have any leads or information for you to follow? Sometimes you might find other people have been researching your same people in the area where they lived. To find the name and address of the genealogy society you can look them up on the Research Wiki. For example, I looked up one in Shelby County, Tennessee: Tennessee Genealogical Society Join By clicking on "Join," I found that members get the "Privilege of submitting two FREE queries each year. These queries will be published in the Tennessee Genealogical Magazine, Ansearchin' News, and on this website." So, a 1 year membership includes gettin

Finding Diamonds Among the US Census

Nearly every person researching an ancestor can find diamonds if they look closely at the US Census. You can find your ancestor's occupation, immigration, property owned, and change in number of family members from one decade to another. You can also tell when a family member may have died and whether they remarried and had two separate families in the same household. I have used the census for years when assisting patrons with finding these diamonds. I was reading Finding Your Roots by Jeane Eddy Westin where she explained how the census gives this information on page 106. Occupation Even though this book was published in 1977, I think giving examples of the diamonds you can find in the ce

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