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Wayback Machine: When You Stumble on Links That Do Not Work

UPDATE This was shared by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, owner of Nutfield Genealogy: 29 February 2020 "I love the Wayback Machine! I heard that threatened cuts to the Library of Congress place this at the top of the list for defunding. Write your senators and congress people today!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We use Internet Archive or The Wayback Machine when you stumble on links or URL's that are no longer working. Many of the seasoned family historians or genealogists know to go to the Wayback Machine to get past those annoying 404 pages. The Wayback Machine takes you to an a

Knowing Your Family History Well Enough to Learn More

How many of you know and remember your family history well enough to be able to learn more if the opportunity presented itself? Let me tell you what happened to me recently. I was actively posting the flyer for the Rose Hill Plantation presentation, Easily Finding My Union County, SC African American Ancestors, when I received a private message from Thomas Stokes. He said he was the grandson of Aughtry Stokes. I immediately thought about what I knew from my documentation on George Epps Tucker: You see Aughtry Stokes was in the will of George Epps Tucker (1859-1927), and so was my great grandfather, George Anderson Tucker (1882-1932), who you see listed right below him. So therefore, I am rea

My Own Research is Better Than What My Family Members Were Told

George Anderson Tucker (1882-1932) I want to let you know that if you research your ancestry for yourself looking at documents for yourself you can be sure you are on the right track. I do not look at other people's trees. I also do not take other people's advice or oral history without proving it to be false or true using factual historical documentation. If I find it documented somewhere, I also look for other pieces of documentation. If you depend on other people's work, you can have the wrong person as your ancestor or miss him or her entirely. The person pictured is my great grandfather, George Anderson Tucker(1882-1932). He lived his whole life in Buffalo, Union County, South Carolina.

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