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"I Used to Have to Eat Those"

I remember Daddy leaving his job where he worked for the US Civil Service. I did not know what all that meant back then, but I do remember watching from the living room and dining room window as he built the house on the corner, 1202 Cutter Ave, Joliet, Il. I remember when he planted the evergreen tree on the side of the house on the left. I am sure he had reservations, but he never showed his concern to me about leaving his job to become a builder. He knew he could do it. That I knew. This all happened before the Fall of 1970. I was about five years old. The house on the left, 1204 Cutter Ave., Joliet, Il, is where my parents my sister and I lived before 1970. My parents had moved here from

Robert Foster, US Army Tank-Automotive-Command, Mathematical Statistician in Warren, Michigan

Robert Foster, Application for Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred Upon Sale And/Or Purchase of Residence Upon Change of Duty Station. On 30 August 1968, I would have been three years old. We had moved from Concord, California to Warren, Michigan. Robert Foster, my dad moved from one duty station to another in the US Army Tank-Automotive-Command. At age thirty, he as a mathematical statistician, GS-12. My mom, sister and me were with him. He had completed five years of civilian public service. This was his progression since he entered federal service: GS Grade Position Title Entry date GS-05

Robert Foster's (1938-1988) Successful Move to Becoming a Builder

Family reunion when Daddy entered. He great his oldest brother, James Foster. I was in high school when I took this photo. The brothers were very close. Two brothers, Robert Foster and Curtis Foster lived at the time in Cleveland with their families. Remember that Robert had the same name as my father, Robert. I explained why in "The Day of Granddaddy's Funeral." Most of them lived in Illinois, so Chicago Heights, Illinois was where the reunion was held. I can remember taking this photo. I cannot remember the exact date, but when I look at it now I feel so glad that I took it then. When I looked at my dad back then, he seemed like a hero. In 1969 when I was four, he seems that

The Day of Granddaddy's Funeral

Robert Foster, Hattie, Roy B. Foster, Robert Foster, Willie, Larry Foster, Ruby Foster Jackson, O. D. Foster, Willie Foster, James Foster. March 1962. Funeral of James Foster, my grandfather. This photo was taken before I was born, but I came to know at least eight of the ten people pictured in this photo. Each of them had a full life. This was a photo taken on the day of my grandfather's, James Foster's funeral. He died 3 March 1962. He was my grandfather. Pictured left to right: This is James' son, Robert Foster or Uncle Buddy. He and his wife, Ivory, would have a son, Bobby, in Cleveland, Ohio in 1964. Hattie Foster Wright was James' sister. I did not meet her in this life, but I know her

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