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Searching Forward to Find a Living Person

Sometimes you need to research back until you are able to choose enough descendants to turn around and research them forward until you discover living descendants. I have done this numerous times. I find the living by creating a Facebook page, consulting city directories, phone books, social security, funeral programs, and newspaper obituaries, just to name a few ways. 1900 One of my ancestors I did this with was Anderson Chick. Anderson's wife was Elenia Coleman Chick. I took the 1900 US Census were pretty much whole the family was listed: "United States Census, 1900," database with images, FamilySearch (

Add a Story to the Family Tree

I added this photo taken on the day of my grandfather's funeral. My grandfather was named James Foster. Not every child is pictured, but eight are shown. Two are sisters. I added this story to my dad, Robert Foster. To add the story, just look down on the right under "Stories." Click "Add." A new window opens allowing you add a title and the story. There is even a place to add more photos. You can also add the names of everyone mentioned in the story. Also add the event date, event place, and description. How wonderful that the descendants of James Foster will be able to find this story about their ancestor.

Adding Your Photos to Family Tree

In addition to all the historical records, you can add stories or oral history for each person on the Family Tree, it is important to add these stories otherwise one day they will be completely forgotten. Click on "Memories" on the person page: Next, I had to choose to upload the photo or choose the photo from the gallery: I added my dad's college diploma from Central State College or Central State University as it is known today. Central State is walking distance from Wilberforce University where my mother went. I added the following details: Title: Central State College, Bachelor of Science Event Date: 5 August 1962 Event Place: Wilberforce, Greene, Ohio, United States Description: Colleg

Oral History of Freed Enslaves to Dominican Republic from US

Historian Martha Willmore describes the lives of the 1824 freed slave emigrants to Samana in the Dominican Republic. Interview by Dr. Dana Minaya of the Samana College Research Center. In 1824, Bishop Richard Allen, founder of African American Episcopal Church, arranged for this family of freed slaves to go to Samana in the Dominican Republic. They had escaped from bad treatment of enslavement in North Carolina to Philadelphia. Historian Martha Willmore tells the surnames of her family from North Carolina. They were given land according to the number of children. They built churches and schools for children to have education. They built homes and boats. In a short time, they organized thems

Bishop Richard Allen and Others in Community Led Plans for Emigration to Haiti

About 1824, Bishop Richard Allen (February 14, 1760 – March 26, 1831) of the African American Episcopal Church was one of the first persons in the United States to be approached with the idea of emigrating to Haiti. He held a meeting at his home where representatives of other black churches were also invited. They endorsed emigration to Haiti, and the leaders of the organized Haytien Emigration Society. John Allen, son of Bishop Richard Allen, was among the first emigrants. "John Allen was very enthusiastic about life in Haiti. He urged his father to send over his brother, Richard Jr., and he advised Allen to relocate." See James O’Dell Jackson III, “The Origins of Pan-African Nationalism: A

Discover Your Family (Part 2)

In our first Discover Your Family post, we went over signing in and adding everything you know about your family to the Family Tree. If you are not finished with adding everything you know, finish that first and then come back to this post where we will learn how to search from the person page. Go to the Family Tree, and select the person you would like to learn more about. Click on "Person" on the bottom of the person card. Person Page You will end up on the person page. Here is the person page for Lafayette Franklin Vance (1861-1952): On the right you will see where you can search from within to find historical documents that mention Lafayette. Click on Fa

Discover Your Family (Part 1)

Are you a new Genealogy! Just Ask! Member, and have you decided to take the leap to discover your family? You will definitely want to make sure that you have organized what you already know, and you can have a place to record what you discover. You can also make your findings available to everyone where you will find others who are related to you. Yes, all for free at It sounds a little intimidating, but you can work on discovering your family 15 minutes here and there. You first need to go to get a FamilySearch Account. Put your username and password here: Username: ________________________________________________ Password: _________________________________________________

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