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Fine Tuning My Search!

Many times people post "what is your favorite genealogy site"? "Do you like one site better than another"? Another discussion is about how much they "hate" a site or a "change" on a site. Every time I read a post like that the first thing that comes to my mind is, "I love them all". Each site has its own differences and many time each site has a lot of similarity. When a site makes changes we all become "haters". Why because in honesty, we hate change. We finally get to understand, finally start figuring out a few things, get comfortable and boom, change. When a site changes, instead of being a "hater" I go work the site, use the site, see what happens when I click here or there. I do this

Treasures in the Family History Library Catalog!

As I work the Genealogy Just Ask pages, one type of post always makes me smile. "I don't use Family Search, nothing on that site is accurate". "I have never found anything of value on FamilySearch". "I want records, not someone else's research". First of all, all trees no matter what site you use are only a clue, only a hint, only a possibility. Everyone's work needs to be verified. I hope people verify my work. Every set of eyes see a different view. A good tree needs to be sourced, sourced and then sourced some more. What needs to be understood is FamilySearch has many different tools. We have the Tree, FamilySearch Records, FamilySearch Research Wiki, the Learning Center, books and so m

Old Name-New Name

Change of Name! Using the Family History Library Catalog! Another good reason to go to your Local Family History Center! Recently I was working my shift at our local Family History Center doing a look up for someone on our Genealogy Just Ask main page. (For those of you not familiar with our sites you may want to check them out! . Due to contract agreements between FamilySearch and the owner of the collection the collection we needed had to be viewed in a Family History Center. It was a simple record to find as the film number and image number were listed on the index. Just took a few minutes to locate the record. Honey do list done! The most amazing thing

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