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What I Learned Today: The Dash

Today was a really sad day for the area I live in. On the evening of July 4th in Brookings Oregon, a small plane left the Brookings airport to return to the Grants Pass, Oregon area. The plane never arrived home. It went down killing the father, his 17 year old son and his son’s friend. They crashed in the ocean, and they still have not found the plane. It has been a heartbreaking week for this community. Family and friends have been gathering together for the funeral. People have traveled from far away to be here to show love and support for this family. I have heard nothing but great things about this family and that the father “lived and loved life.” It reminded me of a poem written by Li

What I Learned Today: About Weeding

I have a garden, it’s big…really big. I love to garden but got behind this last week as we had a family reunion. I like to weed a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening. Keeps it weed free. One week of no weeding, plenty of water, and tons of sun make for a weed mess. As I was out trying to reclaim garden order I was thinking this is a lot of work. It’s hard, it is hot, it makes me sweat. It is a bit overwhelming to look at a huge garden full of weeds. I started on one row, then I added another row, and then another. Within a fairly short time with a bit of sweat running down my face, I accomplished it. Gardening is really not for everyone. Nor is genealogy. Genealogy is har

Post Two: What I Learned Today

Find a Family History Center I had the opportunity to substitute today at our local Family History Center. Are you using your center? To locate a Family History Center At the bottom of the page on it states Family History Centers, get free, personal help with your family history, click on Find a center. So why use a Family History Center? Why take the time to leave the comfort of your home and drive to a Family History Center? Here is my list of why’s The Family History Center Portal Just what is the Portal you might ask? The portal allows all patrons the use of many Premium Family History Websites. 2. 19th Century British Library Newspaper Digital Archive This collection co

Post One: What I Learned Today

A couple of years ago a friend, (Doris Warner) and I wrote a few articles on what we learned each day about genealogy/family history. We wrote about how social media has influenced this topic. We wrote about a new find, how we figured something out, how to use a certain tool or website. The tips and tricks of online research. It was a lot of fun and informative. I thought I might pick that great topic up again calling it “What I learned today.” I’m not a great writer! I’m not much into blogging as I am a researcher and all of those “extra” things take time. But I am a teacher. I love to teach the tools and methods of online research. Robin Foster is so experienced with onsite research! She t

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